Modern consumers are more health-conscious than ever and have plenty of nutraceutical options to choose from. Make your product stand out with eye-catching nutritional supplement packaging. Pioneer Packagers can provide you with nutraceutical product packaging that is a step above the rest.
• Flexible packaging gives you the opportunity to provide your customers with visually striking products while maximizing shelf space. Our nutritional supplement packaging products take up less space in your warehouse and provide more surface area for custom printing options to engage customers.
• The flexible packaging solutions at Pioneer Packagers can be customized for your unique needs, whether you are looking for single-serving solutions or an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pill bottles.
• Nutraceutical and Supplement Packaging Options
• Shaped Pouch - The shaped pouch can be created in nearly any shape and size, making it a great option for energy gels that have become popular with athletes. The addition of a tear notch on the package makes it a great on-the-go nutritional supplement packaging option.
• Sample Packet - These easy-open, single-use packages are ideal for samples or a daily supplement regimen. Sample packets can hold a day's worth of supplements in one convenient place without forcing customers to sort through multiple bottles.
• Stand-Up Pouch - The convenience of the stand-up pouch is accentuated by the addition of a press-to-close zipper. This pouch is able to stand out on shelves and can hold a variety of items in nearly any quantity.
• 3 Side Seal Pouch - This pouch is perfect for single-serving supplemental powders and provides an array of customizable options like hanging holes for convenient display.
• Whether you need to package supplemental vitamins, energy gels, or powdered mixes, the packaging experts at Pioneer Packagers are here to provide all the guidance you may need. Fill out the form below to have one of our experts contact you.

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